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3 Safety Tips for Singles Over 60 Dating Online

3 Safety Tips for Singles Over 60 Dating Online

Getting started in the world of online dating when you’re single over 60 might feel like an unknown risky business if you’re not familiar with dating online. It’s understandable that entering personal information such as your email address, photos or even card details may well feel unsafe.  However, singles over 60 can be re-assured that online dating is safe. Internet dating sites have been around for a long time, and reputable ones have secure measures in place to keep their member data safe and secure at all times. However, singles over 60 should still take their own steps to staying safe. Below are some top common sense safety tips for singles over 60 dating online from Over60matches.com dating site.


Join A Reputable Dating Site for Singles Over 60

It might sound simple, but it’s worth doing some research before deciding which over 60s dating site to join. Signing up to a reputable and trusted over 60s dating site is the first step to staying safe. These days anyone can set up a professional looking website. But not all websites will offer you the same experience or have in place the same safety measures. When choosing a dating site for singles over 60, spend some time reading through the terms and conditions and privacy information to see how they keep their member data safe. Do they have a customer support team that can be contacted at any time? Check how long the dating site has been in operation for, and if they have a presence in your country. If you’re not sure about it, don’t join it.


Don't be Fooled 

Scammers can appear anywhere these days in all walks of life. They won’t just be targeting singles over 60, but you need to know what to look out for. When online dating, scammers appear in the form of a member online who contacts you. They upload a fake photo and profile, and pretend to message you for friendship. This then escalates to asking for help for an ill or stranded relative, that requires money or a loan. The simple rule is NEVER, under any circumstances give your personal details to anyone online, particularly your bank details.


Use Your Common Sense

Singles over 60 have a lot of life experience behind them, and use their common sense to guide them through so many situations. These judgements shouldn’t be overlooked when getting back into the world of dating. Singles over 60 are never too old to take precautions. Personal details like a phone number, work or home address should also be kept private for as long as possible when meeting new people. When arranging to meet up with someone, always choose a public place. Make your own arrangements to get there and back. Tell someone where you are going, and have your phone fully charged. Be prepared to pay your half of the bill, and keep your belongings safe. These common sense steps will help ensure all singles over 60 have positive dating experiences.


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