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True Facts About Dating Over 60

True Facts About Dating Over 60

Dating over 60 can be a daunting endeavor for many mature singles. As we get older, social circles can start to decline, and when we get nearer to retiring, we may start to feel more lonely. For a healthy mental state, it’s important to stay active both socially and physically. That’s why so many singles over 60 have started using senior dating sites to help renew and expand social circles and make new contacts.

Online Dating Over 60

Once used by only the younger generations, senior dating sites for singles over 60 are now much more commonplace, and being used at an ever increasing rate. As the population ages, the demand for finding love at a later stage in life grows. As demand increases, so does choice. There’s now a huge selection of over 60s online dating sites for singles to try and choose between. It’s certainly true that online dating has become a way for singles of any age to make new connections, and find long lasting relationships. Before starting, all singles should take a bit of time to research the best over 60s dating site for them.

Hobbies Matter

Singles dating over 60 are likely to have different goals for the new partners they are looking for. Most 60+ singles will have been married or in a long term relationship, and will have dealt with divorce or bereavement. Starting a family and career progression don’t feature the same as they did for younger singles looking for love. That’s why it’s important to concentrate on other areas of common interest when finding an over 60s partner. It’s important to find someone that has similar interests, that you can spend your leisure time with. If you spend your days doing different hobbies or interests, it might be harder for the relationship to blossom.

No Timewasting

Seniors dating over 60 have a lot of life experience under their belts. They have experienced the ups and downs of dating, marriages, children, divorces and maybe bereavements. These experiences will have shaped the way they are and the way they think. Singles dating over 60 will know what they are looking for, and won’t want to make any of the same mistakes they may have already made again. They’ll be looking out for warning signs and signals that are key and personal to them. So the truth of dating over 60 is that singles will be able to make quick judgements about what is worth pursuing, and will be much less into time-wasting or time-wasters. 

Confidence is Key

As a mature single, dating over 60 may well feel harder than it was when younger. For single women over 60 in particular, they are aware that they don’t look as youthful as when they were younger and single, and may be less confident about feeling attractive and desirable. Their previous life experiences may also come into play, and affect confidence. On the other hand however, mature over 60s single women will know what they want and don’t want from a partner. They are much more likely to have the confidence to weedle out which potential new partners they really want, and who to avoid.

Dating over 60 can mark the start of a new life journey, and should be fun, sociable and rewarding. An open mind and courage could lead to romance and happiness. Over60matches.com has helped lots of singles over 60 find love and companionship again. Perhaps it’s time you tried.


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